Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A conversation with 3 year old Aiden...

We were in the car,
A: Mom can I eat that snow outside?
Me: No it's cuckers (a made up word I am aware)
A: What does cuckers mean?
Me: It means yucky
A: What does yucky mean?
Me: It means gross
A: What does gross mean?
Me: Um it means not good
A: What does not good mean?
Me: It means bad
A: What does bad mean?
Me: It means you shouldn't eat it
A: What does you shouldn't eat it mean?
Me: It means cuckers
A: Oh.
The End


kate said...

Thats so funny.. made me giggle!

Nichole Sorensen said...

That is soooo cute! LOL! It gave me a good laugh!

Huggins family said...

that is so funny,

Jamie and Brady said...

Wait a minute...cuckers isn't a word?!

Kurt and Jasmine said...

You're just lucky it didn't start all over. I've played that game and it can never end :)