Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas eve....

On Christmas eve we started off the day snowmobiling with some friends and their kids. It was a blast and we might have to make it a new yearly tradition.

Aiden literally couldn't have had more fun.

Look how sweet KateLyn looks.

We were all laughing so hard at those sunglasses! What a babe!

That night we all slept at Patti's. We had a fun night, eating, doing the nativity scene with all the kids, and just hanging out. Then we opened jammies before bedtime. Aiden and KateLyn looked so adorable.

KateLyn and Molly are like the exact same size and they are already best friends. Molly is like 6 months older than Katelyn and can walk so it looks a little weird for them to be hanging out and then Molly just gets up and takes off walking!

All the kids looking super cute in their Christmas jammies. All so excited for the next morning and for Santa to come!