Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Check out this face. She's not mad she just makes this squinty face all the time and we think it's hilarious! Nick caught it on camera one day, so funny.

Also Aiden wants his picture taken all the time and then he wants to see it immediately. He now makes all these crazy faces and looks at the pics and laughs and laughs.

This is my favorite funny face, he's doing the monkey face. Can you see it?

Introducing Miss Katelyn and Hundley. How adorable are they! Seriously. Casey and Bridge came over the other night and they were playing and playing and having an awesome time. It was so fun to watch them having such a great time, I told Bridget they are lovebirds in the making!

Nemo and Carl need a new home...

So I was cleaning the fish bowl this morning and the entire bottom of the bowl just fell out in one big piece! What the crap? One big solid piece of glass, crazy. Needless to say I will now be heading out to Walmart to find them a new home and they will be having a mini vaca in the tupperware bowl I put them in while I clean the bowl. Poor little guys.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Accessories just get in the way...

According to my tiny princess, things like headbands just get in the way of what is truly important. Playing and talking on the phone.

Just get that thing out of the way and she can get back to business.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pique a lo macho...

This is the authentic Bolivian meal that Nick made us for dinner the other night. That's right, it's french fries with beef and hot dogs on top. Covered in ketchup, a spoon full of mayo and boiled eggs on the side. I did not have hot dogs on mine because I don't like them and Nick said I was missing out. It was pretty dang good. And I thought it was awesome that he cooked the entire meal himself . A little taste of Bolivia right here in Nibley.

Friday, March 6, 2009

I know, I suck....

I am 100% aware of the fact that I super suck at blogging lately. I new it was bad when I even got a few comments. Secretly I kinda liked the comments because that made me think maybe someone does look at this thing! Anyways, to sum up that past while....
KateLyn decided awhile back that is was awesome to pull herself up to everything and she looks so big doing it but this is how I found her from her nap one day. Needless to say her crib was lowered immediately, What a cutie pie though right? She also loves to clap and give kisses now!
One Sunday morning while getting dressed for church I noticed this super weird rash on his chest. So I asked Nick what he thought and we both immediately thought, what the crap do chicken pox look like? Like I know! Anyways we went on with our day still checking on them every now and then. It seriously looked like tiny zits but he wasn't itching them and he didn't have a fever.
When we got home we googled chicken pox and what he had looked like the early stage pics but I was not convinced. The next morning there were a few more and later that night a few more on his arms and belly. So I'm thinking at this point he totally has them . We totally hold down in our house and are not leaving just to be safe. Then after a few days he gets violently ill. I'm talking puke everywhere! On my couch, on the floor, on Katelyns head as Nick rushed him into the bathroom and passed over her head. GROSS! Nick and I were both dry heaving while cleaning that mess up. After cleaning more puke off my bed and poop off my bathroom floor I was so done and freaking out because puking is a bad side effect of the pox. I hate it so bad when my kids are sick! It's the worst.
We took him to the doctor the next day and the mystery diagnosis was put to rest. It turns out he did not have the chicken pox after all. He has a severe case of eczema caused by a virus is his system that was flu like. Good to know. Although I, thinking he had the chicken pox or something didn't keep my distance and also got sicker that a dog a few days later. Boo.

Last but not least here is the after shot of Aiden. He finally said he wanted to cut he hair so it would make him fast. And he could have small hair like dad and not big hair like mom. What a stud. He sure is one good lookin kid under all that hair!