Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The day after Christmas...

My Mom and Dad went to Jessicas for Christmas eve and Christmas this year because we were at the Wilsons. They were supposed to come back on Christmas day but because of the crazy weather they were stuck for a day so our Christmas with them was a day late but still awesome.

I actually think Aiden and KateLyn really liked spreading it out for a couple of days.
This is typical of Aiden he hardly ever leaves my dads side. Best friends forever!

Thanks G'ma and G'pa for the presents!

Introducing.............the newest member of our little family...................Bear!!! I decided to give in and get Nick a puppy for Christmas. I think he was really excited and Aiden was beyond excited. He seriously is a cutie. Although he was supposed to be a she. When I called to say I wanted a puppy I asked for a girl they said sure no problem. So when I went to pick HER up they said there you go and I took HER and didn't think twice about it until we got to my moms and SHE was running around and I was like..uh I'm no expert but that looks like a boy to me. Turns out SHE really was a HE. It's not a big deal and I called the people but we liked him so much we decided to keep him.

Merry Christmas Nick!


Jamie and Brady said...

I love your new posts! Glad to see you had a good Christmas with your cute little families! We are trying to find a time for everyone to head up to Island Park so I will be calling you for scheduling soon. But we need to get together before then and chill.