Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Christmas morning was so much fun this year. Aiden totally got it and was all about the whole Santa thing. We actually slept by the fireplace and when we woke up Nick told Aiden that he heard Santa come down the chimney the night before and that he walked right past us while he was sleeping. His eyes were so huge and his mouth was wide open in awe. It was hilarious.

The kids all ran down the stars to check out if Santa really came.
He was so excited , look at that face, priceless.

KateLyn was a little out of it, we had to wake her up to go down and open presents.

She got a little more into it the more she woke up though.
After a little while she was playing just like the big kids.
Aiden found a special note in his stocking from Santa. It said,
"Dear Aiden, Thank you for being such a good boy this year! I brought you some presents but there was one that would not fit under the tree. Look in the garage and have a very Merry Christmas! Love, Santa." He was so excited he ran up the stairs and we went and looked in the garage to find.....
His very own 4 wheeler! Just his size and just what he asked Santa for.
What a super lucky boy.

That day it snowed way too much to go outside and play on it but the next day he went for a ride and drove it all by himself. He even took me on a special ride! What a gentlemen. And what a Merry Christmas!