Friday, April 16, 2010

What the pneumonia...

That's right my poor boy had pneumonia the week before Easter. We just thought that he was getting the cold Katelyn had the week before until I found him taking a nap on my bed pale as a ghost and I honestly thought he wasn't breathing. Turns out he was just breathing super fast and shallow. One Instacare trip, breathing treatment, and a chest x-ray later and we were on our way home with a very contagious boy. I made him wear the mask whenever Katelyn was around. Poor Aiden, but on the plus side he thought he looked like a doctor or a ninja with it on he couldn't quite decide which.
One great thing about Aiden is that medicine works super fast on him and he was feeling so so much better by the next day, mask and all.

Even good enough to dance around with Katelyn. This is one of my all time favorite pictures on Aiden. I just think it's so him. And of coarse once the funny faces began we couldn't stop at just one.

I am so glad that my sweet little guy is feeling better and that he didn't contaminate anyone else. I sure hate it when my babies are sick, even when they aren't really babies anymore.


michael and abby said...

Hey guys! Sorry you had to go through this! It's sucky to see your kid suffer so badly! (We know unfortunately!)
Anyhoo, glad to see your sweet growing family.
God bless!
Abby and Michael
PS when is our next cruise???? I'm thinking Bahamas...