Tuesday, April 13, 2010


The Easter Bunny found our house! And man were these kiddies excited!How to train a Dragon is a huge success at our house. We saw the movie the day before Easter with my Mom and Dad, Jess and her kids. And I seriously loved it, as did Aiden, can you tell?Katelyns love lately is Dora. She gets so excited when the show starts it's too funny. Needless to say she loooves her!And of coarse lots and lots of Easter eggs hunts, for days after the fact too. Katelyn was especially loving the egg hunts. Then on Sunday we listened to conference and headed over to Tremonton for a little extended family time. All the grandkids on my side of the family getting ready for an egg hunt courtesy of Grandma and Grandpa with candy and money, woo woo! Super fun weekend. I only wish we could have seen the Wilson side of the fam but Aiden had a major melt down and we had to go home. Oh the joys of stuffing your children full of candy all day and watching them melt down.
So fun!


Court and Jill said...

missed you guys!