Monday, September 1, 2008

Aiden and the tooth fairy.....

Okay, here's the story. A few weeks ago Aiden had a sleepover at my mom and dad's house, Nick picked him up after work and brought him home. No big deal. Until he was about 2 minutes from our house when Aiden started crying and saying that his lip hurt. When they got home we checked it out and everything seemed fine. A little while later, Aiden's lip had gotten really swollen. I called my mom to see if he had fallen or ran into something, anything to explain what was going on. She couldn't think of anything and his lip kept getting bigger and bigger. I decided to take him to the doctor to see for sure. The dumb guy that was there was like, "So, his lip doesn't usually look like this?" No he doesn't always look like a who! He kinda made me feel like a dummy for even bringing him in and said he probably just bumped it. The thing was he was still in some serious pain and it was not going away. The next day the swelling looked like it was going into his gums and anytime he would even nudge it his gums would bleed. It was Sunday and Nick and I were convinced that it had to be something to do with the tooth that we thought was dead before. On Monday morning, I decided to call my sis in law who works for a dentist and she told me to press on the top of his gums to see if it was abscessed. I did what she told me and this huge white puss ball came oozing out of his tooth! It was gross! I took him into the dentist about an hour later and the confirmed that it was dead and abscessed and they were going to have to pull the tooth out! I was shocked. I was not ready for them to say that they were just going to yank the thing out! I guess they just don't mess with baby teeth because it can damage their permanent teeth. After a little time, the shock went away and we set everything up for them to take care of it. We had to wait a few weeks for him to take some antibiotics. But Aug 25th was the day. That morning I took a few pics of his teeth for the last time in a few years.

I know Aiden has the most awesome sleep face ever! I had to wake him up to take him to the dentist.
I was super nervous because I'm not so good at the dentist but it went even better than I had hoped. They gave him this medicine that seriously knocked him almost all the way out. He couldn't even raise his arm but he was still awake. And I got to hold him the whole time at first. Once that medicine really kicked in though they took him in the back. He was only back there about 10 or 15 min and they came and got me and said he was done and he did super awesome! When I got him home it took quite awhile for the drugs to wear off and he was seriously flying high. It was hilarious, he was saying and doing the funniest things, Nick and i were cracking up.
Of coarse the tooth fairy paid Aiden a visit that night and he was so excited because she left him money and coins, as Aiden will tell you.

Here he is after the tooth fairy came. Showing off his bling and his new toothless grin.

I told Nick it's a good thing he's so darn cute cause he totally pulls this look off I think.

So a little more drama than I would like but everything turned out really great thank goodness.


Sheral Wilson said...

He's not the first 'Wilson Kid' to get his tooth knocked out before preschool!! Bailey knocked hers dead - then they did a baby root canal (not fun) and the filling went up into her gums so we turned around and went right back so they could pull it out and dig out the filling crap that was (did) eat off some of the coloring on her permanent tooth! I was nervous about her not having a front tooth, but it turned out very cute!!
Aiden looks like one tough kid without his!!

Joell said...

Holy cow that is a lot of craziness! But good thing things worked out well! He does look so adorable with his toothless grin! What an awesome tooth fairy! That is a lot of moolah!

Tiffany said...

How cute is that? It totally changed what he looked like, but still a very handsome little devil.