Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Little princess....

I am in love with KateLyn! She's adorable and her smile just kills me. It's like a full body smile! Even when she's not facing me I can tell by the way her body moves that she's smiling.

I got Aiden's old exersaucer out a few weeks ago to see if she could do it, Look at how big she looks!

Of coarse Aiden loved showing her how to use all the toys and she just adores it when he pays her even the slighest bit of attention. It was super cute. She uses this all the time now too and loves it!


Nichole Sorensen said...

Oh my Gosh!! I found you! And I can't believe that you have two kids! Shanyna, Katelyn is adorable! And Aiden is getting so big! I am so excited for you! I hope all is going well. Keep in touch.. email me nichole.sorensen@gmail... i have a blog, i'll send you an invite! love ya!