Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Lake Powell

We went to Lake Powell with The Wilson Family last Tues. and we got home really late on Sunday. They decided to get a house boat this year so we were able to go with two little kids and we had a blast. We had some interesting things happen along the way, like a mini tornado and a trip with patti to the clinic, but all in all everything was great and it was nice to spend time with family, having a good time.

Aiden helping G'pa Wilson drive the house boat.

Nick and Aiden having a little father son fishing time.

KateLyn helping Daddy drive the house boat.

This is how KateLyn spent most of the trip. She was so awesome the entire trip. We are so lucky to have such great baby!

Patti had a slight accident when she was wakeboarding. Eveyone thought she had broken her arm for sure. They took her to the clinic on Sat and they didn't have a x-ray so they just wrapped her up good and told her to go to the doctor when she got home. Luckily it turns out that her arm is not broken it's just bruised from elbow to wrist and just broke a bunch of blood vessils. We're all glad that you're okay patti!

Aiden caught this fish all by himself! Nick was fishing and he put his pole down to go do something, so aiden picked it up and started reeling it in, after a minute the line started pulling and sure enough there was a little catfish on the end! What a fisherman.

Olivia and Aiden had a good time playing with their floaties! They both also learned to swim all by themselves with their life jackets. They are getting so big.
We seriously had an amazing time, it is so beautiful there. Nick has been a million times and truely loves it, this was only my 3rd time but every time I go I can see more and more why he loves it so much. Thanks again for everything guys, can't wait for next year.


happy as a clark said...

Looks like you guys are havin' a real fun summer!
Love the posts, keep em comin!!

Anonymous said...

OMG! Good to hear from you :0)Ur kids are so big and cute now, time goes by so fast when you have 1 kid but with 2 it's crazy. Well you should take him for sure! We went in March 2 months b4 she was even 2 and she LOVED it! After a couple rides she had the routine down. She knew we had to stand in line and wait and as soon as it was over she would smile and say "again". It was so cute. Now she loves it even more. He will love it and be aware of all that is going on and it's going to be worth it to see his little face light up and take it all in. YOU GUYS NEED TO TAKE HIM!
Trust me you will love to see him so happy about it all. Boston is 7 1/2 months now and even he was cute. Just sat up on each ride like a big boy and watched it all, it was funny.Take care and let me know if/when/ and how long you guys will be down here. Maybe we can come see you.