Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Camping and more camping...

Lately we have been hitching up the Golden Falcon and taking a few camping trips. Every time we go I realize that I like it more and more and it's such a fun thing to do together as a family.

We went up Logan Canyon one weekend just by ourselves and we were thinking we had a sweet set up.

Aiden was spotting some deer with his "spotting scope" it was super cute.

We went up to the Uintas with the Daniels one weekend, they have a lot of land up there and they let us go up with them. It was super fun, they have this little 4 wheeler that Aiden thought was amazing. The Daniels have three cute girls that are a bit older that Aiden and the oldest took turns taking Aiden and their youngest (who's a year older that Aiden) on rides. The last day the turned the governor way down so it couldn't go very fast and Aiden rode it all by himself! He was in heaven. Nick only had to really run after him one time.

This is Aiden and Carly whom he adores! He wouldn't leave her alone the entire trip!

Our camp site. It was super fun thanks for inviting us guys!