Thursday, September 24, 2009

Denver baby...

Nick and I dropped the kiddies off at the grandparents this last weekend and headed to Denver to go to the Broncos game. In our planning for the weekend we found out that there was a Six Flags right next to the stadium. I have always wanted to go so we decided to try it out. Here we are after the almost eight hour drive and a not so well rested night sleep, we had some drunken guy banging on the wall outside our hotel room in the middle of the night, and a slightly large breakfast. Ready for a fun filled day at Elich Gardens Six Flags.
Nick's not a super fan of spinney rides so in preparation I brought some Dramamine for him but none the less this was him, totally sick and almost throwing up I don't know how many times, I guess the same amount as however many rides we went on. Poor guy. He was such a sport though he seriously went on all the big rides with me but one and that one for sure would have done him in. I on the other hand thought it was awesome and was psyched we got to go.
The next day was the big game and Nick was so excited.
Our seats were awesome. Eighth row and 5th yard line. It was really awesome to be that close to the game. It made it that much more fun.

They were doing this whole tribute to Shannon Sharp and inducting him into the ring of fame so he totally sky dived into the stadium it was sweet. The pros that came in with him were going so dang fast as they came into the stadium at first I thought they were going to crash and then they would just land smoothly it was crazy.

Of coarse the cheerleaders. There were some right in front of us the whole game and they were seriously scandalous.
The team coming out of the mustang.
We were so close to the game I took some actions shots here's all I came up with.
This was caught by the wrong person and was almost an interception but the guy was out of bounds. At half time they did the whole Shannon Sharp tribute thing, and John freakin' Elway was there! It was awesome. He walked right in front of us. Talk about cool. The Broncos played a great game. It was so exciting we were jumping out of our seats almost all game. Football games are way way WAY more exciting in person than they are on TV. Seriously people. I would go again in a second. Nick had an amazing time and I was so happy I could do this for him. He even said he could now cross this of his life list. Definitely the best birthday present I have ever given. Crap now what am I going to get him next year to live up to all this hype?

P.S. We came the other way home, through the Rockies and went through a for real snow storm! It was crazy, but pretty.


Anonymous said...

So cool! We need a little get away too. Hope all is well :0)

Jessica Kopp said...

nice new background....where's the nice new posts???