Monday, June 29, 2009


We took the family to Yellowstone last week. It was really fun. We took the trailer and stayed in West Yellowstone for a few days. It was really kinda nice for it to be just us. We haven't been with just us since we got the trailer. We met up with the Daniels one day to go into the park. I have never seen so many animals there in my life! Tons of buffalo and elk like always but we saw a huge grizzly bear, a black bear with 2 baby bears climbing down this huge tree, a moose, and a few coyotes just off the road it was seriously so cool.
This pic was at Yellowstone canyon and my stomach was doing flips the whole time. Honestly every time Aiden even got near the edge. Especially one time when he was throwing a rock or something over the edge and his whole upper body went over the rock that was stopping him from plummeting to his death. It was so not cool!

These two are a crazy pair when you get them together. You wouldn't know it to look at her but she's a whole year older than Aiden. Crazy. They are so cute together though they were holding hands everywhere we went.

Hilarious! The second I took this pic I told Nick it was going straight on the blog. I have a pic just like this from his mission.

When we got to West Aiden thought these Buffalo's were so cool everywhere we went but he wanted to see a real one so bad. When I told him to go stand by it for a picture he immediately stood by the end and put his hand right on it's butt! So funny.

When we were in West we went to the Bear and Wolf center right by the entrance of the Park. We were so close to these bears it was cool.

KateLyn totally got into it she was pointing at all the animals and wanted you to look too. It was so cute. Now that I look at my pics I can't believe I didn't get a picture of the giant wolves they had there I did video tape them though. While we were checking them out Katelyn made a squawk and this huge wolf looked over and her from across the pond and he came straight over to us and got about 3 feet away and was pacing back and forth and would not take his eyes off her, He wanted a Katelyn sandwich! It was crazy! And kinda freaking me out because all that was separating us was a three foot platform and an electric fence! Needless to say we got out of there.
Over all it was a super fun family trip. I hope the first of many!