Saturday, May 2, 2009

The happiest place on earth...

We went on an awesome family vacation to California last week and it was so so much fun! We dragged my Mom and Dad along with us even though it was their 2nd trip to Disneyland in 6 months. We are so glad they came we had such a blast!
The first day we got there we headed straight for the beach. Aiden thought it was so cool. Mostly the sand part, the water was freezing and it attacked him one time. I had to jump in and save him and after that he didn't trust it. My dad buried him and when he jumped up to get out his mouth was wide open......and you can see what happened. He did not think it was ok.

Sunday we rested and had dinner at my Aunt Joan's then on Mon....
We finally made it to DISNEYLAND!
Aiden has been asking about Disneyland for months. Every time we would get ready to leave the house he would ask if we were going to Disneyland. It absolutely lived up to the hype.

He could not wait to meet Mickey and Minnie so of coarse we had to go to their houses.
Outside of Minnies house is a wishing well and you can hear her voice. Aiden leaned over and said something and when I asked him what he wished for he said, "I wished I could meet Mickey." How sweet is that?

Katelyn had a great time too. She is such a good girl she never cried, and just chilled the whole time. I was surprised at how many rides she could go on.

We honestly had the best time. I was a little worried before we went that Aiden would be a little bit too young to really get it but I was so wrong! He was even big enough to go on almost all the rides. Believe it or not but Space Mountain was his favorite ride and we had to go on several times. I have such a dare devil on my hands. He even went on the Tower of Terror at first he said he wanted to go again but then decided that it was too scary for boys. Well, we are glad to be home and rested and can't wait until KateLyn gets a little bit older and we can go again.
Until next time Disneyland, we'll miss you.


Jessica Kopp said...

So glad you had a blast. I wish I could have seen Aiden in action, Mom said he was hilarious and loved every second. Let's make a plan to go again, together, in 3 years. sound good?

love ya.

Court and Jill said...

Looks like TONS of fun!! Didn't Aiden think that dumbo was gonna fly him there at one point?

Nichole said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun! Those are some of the cutest pictures! You have such a cute family! Miss ya!