Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter and such...

A few days before Easter I bought an egg coloring kit and Aiden was so excited, he kept asking if we could play the egg game. It was the first year we ever really colored eggs at out house and it was so fun! As you can see he totally loved it, he wanted to keep coloring but we ran out of eggs!

Easter morning was fun with both the kids, KateLyn just wanted to tear everything apart, pull all the fake paper grass out of her basket and throw it all over the floor.

How cute does KateLyn look with her Daddy, do you all see where she gets those blue eyes from?
We all got ready for church and I tried to get some cute pics of the kids but they were not really cooperating. The sun was in their eyes at first and it was down hill from there. This is the best one. They seriously did look so stinkin cute.

I love this sweet pose.

Aiden got a kite in his basket this year and we flew it the other day it was way fun he totally gets it and was having a blast!

Hope everyone else had a great Easter too!