Monday, June 16, 2008


So we went on our first real camping trip of the year last weekend. (I'm a little slow at posting!) All the Wilsons went to Tarells ranch in Weston and it was dang fun. We love hanging out with everyone just doing fun stuff outside. We took the Golden Falcon (our trailer) out for the very first time and it was awesome. I am definately sold on a trailer of camping with 2 kids for the rest of my life, it really made it so so so much easier and warmer. I wans't even worried about takeing Katelyn with us because if it got cold we would just hop in the Falcon and there's enough room in there for everyone to hang out.
Aiden got to ride the horses and the 4 wheelers, needless to say he thought it totally rocked.

Grandpa Wilson led him all over the ranch.

Just a super cute picture of my two boys having an awesome time.

Nick got to go fishing, ride his 4 wheeler all over and shoot his gun. He even rode a horse and almost got bucked off!

It was an awesome trip, thanks for inviting us Mall and TaRell.


Court and Jill said...

Oh yeah, the golden falcon. We loved that thing!! The CD is in the mail.