Monday, June 2, 2008

3 weeks old!

Big whoop want to fight about it?

KateLyn is 3 weeks old and I can't believe how the time is flying! But at the same time I think she seems older than she really is. She's beautiful and I feel so lucky everyday to have her here with us!

She's such a well tempered baby, Thank goodness. She just has her nights and days mixed up every once and awhile.

Aiden still love, love, loves her! Which makes me so happy to see him playing with her. He wants to hold her all the time and loves to lay by her on the floor and just chat, it's adorable.


Kurt and Jasmine said...

You kids look great. we had a great time at your place a month ago or so. I still laugh when I think about Aiden smelling Jasmine's shoe and sayin peehew. Congrats on the beautiful baby girl.

nicci said...

she's so cute shayna! and aiden is such a cute big brother =)

Jacquie and Chad said...

Hi Shayna! This is Jacquie Liebes. We used to work together at Convergys, I found your link on Claudia's blog. Congrats on your new little girl, both your kids are sooo cute!