Thursday, February 4, 2010

Worst blogger ever...

I am awful I am only now going to show a few Christmas pics. I am fully aware of what a terrible blogger I am but I also feel bad for what a bad parent I am. This year for Christmas we packed up all our stuff and headed to Tremonton to stay at my moms and my sisters family came up this year and I was super excited to all be together! Maybe too excited because I totally spaced bringing my camera AND tape recorder! Man I suck. I could not believe it! My very nice sister said she would document the occasion and give a disc but I don't have it yet so these are all the pictures I have of our entire Christmas '09. Oh well. My babes in their Christmas clothes before Church I thought they were so darn cute I had to take a picture before we ran out the door.
Aiden wrote his very first letter to Santa this year and I loved it! He dictated to me and I wrote as fast as I could to get it all down. I thought what he said was priceless!

It says: Dear Santa I hope you get me Dinobots.
Their names are Snarl and Swoop.
And I hope I get Goldfish with them too.
And the coolest Transformer of them all that's made out of Destructicons
and his name is Devistator.
I hope I get them so much. And I was a good boy all the time.
I love you so much. Love Aiden Steven Wilson
P.S. I hope my family gets presents too. He thought it was pretty awesome to put something in the mail. Kind of a fun tradition that we could do. Hopefully now that it is Feb. I can now move on from Christmas. Man I need to work harder on this thing.


Anonymous said...

Hey Shayna... the kids are getting SO big and SO CUTE! I love the Santa letter :0)