Thursday, August 20, 2009

For my sister...

Jessica recently brought it to my attention that I am a total and complete slacker when it comes to my blogging lately and honestly all I can say is, hey I've been busy. She did however guilt me into getting all the unposted pics on my camera and posting them for your viewing pleasure. All I have is this super fun day when Mckell, Bridget and their kids came over for a water day. We have had more of these since this day and they have all been awesome. KateLyn is not in there pics because she was all played out and taking a nap by the time I got my camera out.
These guys have so much fun together and I love that they are friends!

It took these guys awhile to get the hang of the whole slip and slide thing but by the end they were pros.

Is this picture inappropriate? I Just think it's so hilarious!
Last but not least I found these two just playing under the table together, so cute!
So I hope this is good cause I'm sorry it's all I have. I'll try and work on it better in the future Jess and If I slack again just make sure and get me back online!


Jessica said...

Thanks for the update. I LOVE IT! The pictures are great.