Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Check out this face. She's not mad she just makes this squinty face all the time and we think it's hilarious! Nick caught it on camera one day, so funny.

Also Aiden wants his picture taken all the time and then he wants to see it immediately. He now makes all these crazy faces and looks at the pics and laughs and laughs.

This is my favorite funny face, he's doing the monkey face. Can you see it?

Introducing Miss Katelyn and Hundley. How adorable are they! Seriously. Casey and Bridge came over the other night and they were playing and playing and having an awesome time. It was so fun to watch them having such a great time, I told Bridget they are lovebirds in the making!


Jessica Kopp said...

They are so stinking cute. This makes me so excited to see you all this weekend. Love ya.