Saturday, December 6, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Have you all met Rudolf the red nosed Aiden? He has a very red and scabbed over nose. And if you ever saw him you would even say it was gross. Some how He got a rug burn on just the tip of his nose and he looks kinda silly.
This is Aidens very own special tree that he gets in his room. He picked out all the decorations at the store and he put almost all of them on the tree all by himself.

We put our tree up a while ago to get into the season and out of the Halloween fest that had taken over our home! It was so funny while I was separating the branches Aiden and katelyn both decided that they would do it too! What good little helpers I have!The finished product.

Merry Christmas!


Huggins family said...

looks way good. and your kids are so sticken cute, i always think who would of justin married and if he would have cute kids.