Friday, November 14, 2008

Very own pets....

That's right, I said pets plural. As in 7 to be exact. And they are all Aidens. But before you start to think, What? This lady is nuts giving her 3 year old a pet! Let alone 7, just know that they are fish. Guppies actually. And Aiden in ecstatic!
We helped Patti clean out Prestons big fish tank last night. Aiden has always been so in love with those fish so we decided to let him have several of the guppies in the tank. He loves them so much. He wanted to feed them and read them a bed time story last night before he went to bed. It is so sweet! I asked them what their names were and he though for a minute and said " Nemo!" I asked him what the other fish's names were and he thought again and said "Carl. These ones are Nemo and these ones are Carl!" Where the heck did Carl come from? I have no idea. What a funny little kid.

This morning when he got up the first thing he said was "Mom, where are my pets?" And he has literally been staring at the bowl watching them swim all day!

Look at that face. Like I said, ecstatic.


Tiffany said...

Oh my heck that is hilarious! I have got to see him in real life. He's like the cutest kid ever (besides mine:)

Joell said...

It is so fun to see your children get so exciting about things especially such a simple thing like fish! If you would have known it made him that happy maybe you would have got some sooner! Such a cute story! i think my favorite are the Carl ones!