Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Guess what?
It's my birthday.
I had a super fun day of lunch, shopping, presents, and dinner all with family.
Also Nick and I played a couple of softball games and my legs are aching.
Man I'm old.


Court and Jill said...

Happy Birthday Shayna! Love ya lots. Glad you had fun...sorry about the aches and pains of gettin' old!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday girl!!! I hope your day was a great one! Your family is looks like things are going great!

kate said...

Happy Birthday!! Hope you had a splendid day!

michael and abby said...

Happy Belated Birthday Shayna!

So...just how old are those achy legs?

Kurt and Jasmine said...

Happy Birthday. Sorry we're a little behind. Aiden looks so adorable with his new smile. But i would have loved to have seen him when he looked like a "who"

Cam and Mary said...

Hi Shayna. I was remembering on my b-day that it is yours too! So happy belated birthday! Your family is darling!