Sunday, May 4, 2008

Those curly locks...

Nick and I have been growing Aidens hair out just to see what it would look like because, like his daddy, he has some curly, curly hair. I mostly think it's hilarious. Some days I like it and other days it drives me a little crazy.

I seriously just get him out of the tub and it just goes like this.

As it was growing out I decided that there was nothing I could do with it so I bought him this hat. I think he looks adorable. At first he wasn't loving it. But once I pointed out to him that he could be a cool guy like daddy with his hat on he doesn't like to leave the house without it.
I love that his hair gets this "duck butt" with his hat on now that it's long. The thing is that nicks hair does the exact same thing when it's long.
I think he's such a babe and love him to pieces. Who knows if we will leave it long or end up cutting it I guess we'll see.


Jamie and Brady said...

Let it grow! I love it!