Monday, April 14, 2008

Loved it!

Baby animal days was really fun and Aiden loved it! The highlight of the day was definitely the pony ride! He love love loved it! It was not really okay with him when it came to the end, all he kept saying was, "Do it Again!"

We got to pet tons of animals too, I wanted to get more pics but my batteries were almost dead. Sad I know. There were bunnies, cows, sheep, llamas, and more. The other hit of the day had to be the baby turtles and frogs! They had a ton of these little dishes full of them. They would put them in your hand, Aiden was in heaven. Especially with the frogs! He would put both his hands out and the lady put the frog in his hand and he would just giggle, then it would jump out of his hands and he would just squeal with delight. It was hilarious! I wished I got a picture but it was super crowded and I was on Aiden be soft patrol. Overall it was a blast I am definitely going to take him back again next year.


~kate~ said...

How fun! We'll have to check it out next year when Bracken is older. I loved the 'Aiden be soft patrol' comment!!

Blake,Amber,&Addi Morgan said...

Hey I actually had it made by Tammy Capener. I love it to. Its very simple. I saw the dress at brats, but it was almost $200.00 so I copied it and it only cost me around $60 so that was sweet!!!! Tammy did a fabulous job too.

Jamie and Brady said...

Get all of the 'Aiden be soft' practice you can get before that new baby comes! = )