Sunday, March 2, 2008


Alright, Nick and I decided that the hot tub was fun but it was a lot of maintenance for us just not using it very often. We thought let's just put it on and if someone wants it we'll sell it and if they don't we'll keep it. It sold! So no more hot tub for us! We did take the money we got from it and purchase a camping trailer named "The Golden Falcon." No, we can not take credit for that amazing name it is the actual brand of the trailer! Awesome, I know! The reason I even started documenting this event was because when the people came to pick it up it was slightly heavier than they had anticipated. They stood around for like 20 min trying to decide what the heck they were going to do to get the hot tub on the trailer they brought. Finally they decided to drive the trailer on the snow and get it as close as possible to the tub and then just grunt it out!

They got it on the trailer and found that it would not fit inside the wheel wells, so they were going to have to tip it on its side.

Nick was really having a good time, later he told me that those guys were just being weak and it shouldn't have taken as much time and effort as it did!

In the end they got it loaded and went to take off and slightly peeled out on our lawn! Yeah that's dirt that got flipped across the whole yard. I'm sure that they realized what had happened and took off because they were gone in about 2 seconds! It's really not too bad I guess we'll see the real damage when the snow melts. But for now we have an empty slab of cement, and a trailer on the side of our house. I told nick, can you say patio furniture?


redd family said...

you guys would buy a trailer! love the name though!

Nick and Shayna said...

what do you mean "you guys would buy a trailer?" What are you trying to say mckell? ;)

Huggins family said...

you are so funny love the story.

Tiffany said...

Shayna-You live in Nibley? You're having a baby girl? What the heck? When did I see you last? Congrats! Love, Tiff
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