Sunday, February 24, 2008

Fun in the Snow!

This weekend we were invited to go snowmobiling with nicks family at Tarells ranch. We all had a great time. Aiden was super pumped to get out and play in the snow!
Look how cute my boys are! Adorable!

We had a awesome day! Thanks for inviting us Mall and Tarell!


Huggins family said...

yeah i love it, thanks i am going to add you right know to mine'

Jamie and Brady said...

Hey, looks like you had a fun weekend, I guess we'll forgive you for not coming over Friday. Can't wait to see your house in person, it looks so cute!

nicci said...

hey shayna!! aiden is so stinkin cute. and love your new house. our blog is if you wanna come visit =)

Court and Jill said...

Hey looks like fun. Too bad we live far away and weren't invited to the super secret club meeting at TaRell's ranch. I'm trying to not be offended :) Teasing. And hey, I'm not screening your calls promise!!! I'll been wanting to call you back've just always called when I've been doing random stuff like visiting teaching, or at a neighbors house. Promise!! call you soon.